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Choosing the Right Bird for You

Choosing the Right Bird for You

Choosing a bird as your next pet is not a decision to be taken lightly. Thorough research should be the first thing you do. Birds are unique as pets, since there are many that have lifespans that often exceed their owner. Some can live as long as 65 - 70 years. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right bird for you:

Size matters
Typically the bigger the bird, the more attention it requires. If you are a beginning bird owner, consider a small bird for your first attempt. This also matters for another reason. The bigger birds can cost a lot more money and also require a bigger cage, more food and more clean-up. Be sure to consider the question: How much will this cost me on a year-to-year basis after the initial purchase?

Do you want a bird that will want to be near you or one that is just to be looked at? How about one that talks? Do your research on the temperament of the bird you are considering. Make sure the bird’s personality is compatible with what you want.

Many birds like to stay in their cages but some need the ability to get out every once in a while. Do you have the time to supervise one that needs to get out frequently? Also, some birds require a special diet. Know what the bird likes to eat and price out what your food budget will be on a weekly budget before making your purchase.

None of these things put forth are meant to discourage you from getting a bird. They are great pets. These concepts are just to get you thinking and to help you know what to ask before you purchase a bird.