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  • Manufacturer: Prevue Pet

Cuttlebone is essential for all birds and promotes good beak health by keeping it trimmed Each cuttlebone measures approximately 4" Long Includes one Orange and one Vanilla flavored cuttlebone Includes a metal hanger Since cuttlebone is a natural product, they vary in color and size

  • UPC: 071859404100
  • Manufacturer: Kaytee
KAYTEE Fiesta Gourmet food helps birds thrive! Packed with a fortified mix of fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and healthful whole grains, Fiesta contains essential nutrients for healthy birds. Balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 Polyunsaturated fatty acids develop and maintain shiny feathers, and can help lower cholesterol. Powerful antioxidants boost immune systems to fight disease. Natural preservatives ensure freshness and great taste. Fiesta balancing fun food and powerful nutrition.

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